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Hollywood, Florida

Hollywood is filled with about parks, golf courses, and beautiful beaches as far as the eye can see.

Hollywood Beach is best known for its beach side broadwalk. Public trolleys provide rides to many destinations across the boardwalk. The boardwalk is alligned countless hotels and restruant guaranteed to give you a good time. Along with these, there is a theatre, where many local and famous acts frequently perform, a children's playground, and many other attractions including bicycle rental shops, ice cream parlors, souvenir shops, and a farmer's market. Many of the restaurants offer outdoor seating so you can enjoy the seabreeze and fine beachfront views. The broadwalk is well kept and is frequented by many joggers and walkers. There is also a designated bike lane for bicyclists and rollerbladers. 


Young Circle is another exciting area surrounded by dozens of shops, restaurants, and bars. Food Trucks swarm the circle, bringing dozens of local and unique dining exerience which encourages trying something new. One can expect to see Cuban, Venezuelan, Mediterranean, Mexican, Jamaican, and Peruvian foods in addition to barbecue, burgers, gourmet grilled cheese, and dessert trucks.

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